So, I've been on hiatus without letting y'all know I've been on hiatus because I forgot to write a hiatus post! Also I'm leaving Substack!
Hi, it’s been a while, no? Tomorrow, I’ll be sending you a loooong overdue newsletter and update from my new home, A Noble Rhubarb hosted on Buttondown…
Join me over creative collective, the Magic Middle, for a discussion on the middle space of writing on March 30th at 12 PST
I've been thinking a lot about Blackness as a technology for human evolution. This is the first in a series of essays exploring this framework.
It's March, again?! And, of course, critical media literacy resources for March 2021
I am fully embracing being a godless heathen because I want to be closer to my humanity. You can thank 2020 for that shit, and the Crown.
The depression is hitting rn!
RESCHEDULED: How to Cool It Discussion ClassI’m rescheduling our next discussion class for Sunday, January 17th at 3pm PST. See you this weekend!
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